In 2012, MORE Magazine published an article that I wrote on their website. It was my personal experience with my choice to go grey at the age of 42 and quickly passed through the hands of women all over the world.

Shortly after, I wrote a weekly blog for the better part of three years called I Dare Say. It was a collection of articles and thoughts intended to empower and inspire women and girls.

I published a fictional story in 2015 that had been churning in my head for quite sometime. While lovely and simple in ways, Larkspur Bungalow also delves deeper into the same themes that I wrote about in my blog.

In 2017 I adapted Larkspur Bungalow into a screenplay with a professor from Illinois State University. We were thrilled to receive a heap of awards and recognition in many national and international film festivals in 2018.

The Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition First Place Thriller/Crime (2018)

Oregon International Film Festival Official Finalist (2017)

Cannes Screenplay Contest Official Finalist Crime/Suspense (2018)

Austin Revolution Film Festival Semi-Finalist (2018)

Evolution! Mallorca International Film Festival Semi-Finalist (2018)

Final Draft Screenwriting Competition Quarter-Finalist (2018)

Screen Craft Action and Thriller Contest Official Selection (2018)

Park City International Film Festival Official Selection (2018)

Windy City Film Festival Official Selection (2018)

The goal for 2019 is development so stay tuned on the progress of my beloved Larkspur Bungalow.

Many of my readers have asked when I plan to write book #2. Well…I have been working on my next writing project for the last six months.. I have completed my initial outline and plan to begin writing very soon. While the title may ultimately change, for now is will be titled To Basil, With Love…



Larkspur Bungalow Book Cover.PNG

In 2015 I published Larkspur Bungalow! The fictional romantic thriller weaves a complex series of events from the Pacific Northwest to the magical Bay Area.

As a prior resident of Portland, Oregon and Marin County, I included my favorite local haunts with a fictional story of love and loss. Layered with the fear of international terror on American soil, our beloved main character navigates her way with the grace and drive that will inspire the reader to applaud her journey while falling in love with her strength of character.

Larkspur Bungalow is available online at Amazon, iBooks, and Barnes and Noble. Signed copies are also available directly through me. Just click over to the contact section and shoot me a note. If you buy it and like it, do a girl a favor and leave a review on the purchasing site, as well as Goodreads!

If you are interested in a book signing in your area, please send me an email. You can also inquire with your local bookstore or favorite gift shop and they can contact me directly to discuss an event.